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ok this is probably the weirdest thing i have ever watched on youtube...

what is this about?

>TL;DR: our consciousness actually lives in an infinite range of frequencies. the thing we experience right now - the awake state - is just a very narrow part of the actual spectrum, much like the visible light is only a small part of a huge spectrum of electromagnetic waves. there are entities that live in other dimensions/frequencies, that feed off our energy. lol experiences like near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, dreams, etc. is basically our consciousness tuning into other frequencies like a radio receiver.

back in the 70s there was a guy called robert monroe. he used to be a radio broadcast executive, who produced all sorts of radio shows in the 1950s. in 1957 his company created a research and development division to study "sleep-learning" and the various effects of sound patterns on human consciousness. while experimenting with sleep-learning in 1958, monroe experienced weird hallucinations of paralysis, vibration and bright lights. this happened a couple of times during his experiments over several weeks until he eventually had an experience, he later described as "out-of-body experience" or "OBE".

these out-of-body experiences were so convincing to him, that he actually changed the structure and organization of his radio company and created "the monroe institute" (TMI) to further explore the effects of sound patterns on human consciousness and OBEs. during this time monroe achieved worldwide recognition as an explorer of human consciousness and OBEs. the researched methods later became the so called "gateway program" and "hemi-sync". these processes used binaural beats and headphones to help people to enter a meditative state more easily. actually it was so easy to use, that the head of a zen buddhist temple claimed that "gateway students can reach meditation states in a week that took (me) 30 years of sitting", while a reporter, who visited TMI, said that "there is something significant being developed at the institute. whether it's just a brilliant guided meditation complete with trance-inducing stereoscopic sound, or a doorway to a world of spirit entities, I cannot say."

in 1978 the US military sent intelligence officers to TMI for OBE training in hope that they're going to be able to out-of-body-travel to other countries and spy on their enemies within this altered state of mind. this training seemed to be successful, since the military sent additional officers in 1983. of course this was top secret until in 1994 a front-page article in the "wall street journal" reported confirmation from the former director of the intelligence and security command of the US army that they have been sending personnel to the institute.

if you thought this is actually crazy, you better brace yourself, because what's coming next sounds even more lunatic. (i'm actually questioning my own sanity as i type these words)

the monroe institute claims to have discovered, that our world consists of different dimensions, which are interwoven into each other and only separated by their frequency. just like the light spectrum, there is actually a spectrum of dimensions, that exists at this very moment in the same space-time, but we are unable to see them because our awake conscious mind is only able to see a certain spectrum or range of dimensions. In reality though, our consciousness or mind lives across all of the dimensional frequency ranges and can tune into certain frequencies by the meditation techniques developed by TMI - like a radio receiver.

TMI explored and identified plenty of these "consciousness frequencies" or "focus levels", as they call it, and categorized them into a lot of ranges. Every of those focus levels moves further away from what we view as our normal state of mind. monroe even claims that some of those focus levels or dimensions are inhabited by creatures that resemble space aliens and alligators/reptilians who feed off our energy - whatever that means. the further one climbs of the frequency levels the more he loses his previous sense of self. at some focus levels it's even possible to travel into other time-lines, the past or the future.

Kinda crazy, i know, but i'm going to give this whole hemi-sync thing a go and probably read some of his books. of course i'll pirate everything, because all of this shit is - of course - extremely costly. lmao

any opinions?